Suggested Packing List

Week Long Resident Camp

What to bring


      Rain jacket

      Heavy sweatshirt

      Long pants

      Swimming suit




      Shoes (at least 1 pair with closed toes). Bring 2 pair of shoes minimum.



      Sleeping bag



      Towels (2)





      Feminine Products

Other important stuff

  Pump supplies (reservoirs, sets, & charger). Bring twice the supplies your camper would need for a typical week. You will get back what we don’t use. Pack it all in a 1-gallon ziplock bag. Please make sure your camper’s pump is fully charged before arriving to camp and pack the charger with them for the week!

  CGM supplies (sensor, transmitter, overpatches). Please bring an extra sensor, transmitter, and any overpatches. If your camper runs out of CGM sensors, or if they choose not to replace the sensor, we will use our BG test kits.

  Your CGM receiver & charger. If you have a factory CGM receiver, bring that, along with its charger. If their cell phone is their CGM receiver, bring their cell phone & charger. If your camper intends to be on the Dexcom Follow Program while at camp, camper must have their phone and its corresponding charger. PLEASE NOTE: A cell phone may only be used as a CGM receiver at camp. By bringing a cell phone receiver to camp, camper agrees to no texting, phone calls, app use, internet access, photography, video, or any other use.

  Prescription medication (including Epi-Pens). Must be in the original container and pharmacy-labeled in the child’s name.


Optional stuff


      Cheap digital or disposable camera

      Money for the camp store (this can be added to the camper’s store account at check-in)

      Swimming goggles

      Aqua socks or creek shoes

      A book or other quiet time activity

      Special sunscreen (camp will provide basic sunscreen options)

      Postcards for mailing addresses of family and friends (GCC sells pre-stamped postcards in the Camp Store for $.50 each)


What NOT to bring

      Insulin or syringes. Please do not bring these diabetes supplies. We will provide all needed supplies except those related to insulin pumps and pens. We do provide all insulin in vial form—there may be some brand exceptions depending on donations from insulin companies, but we will have all types of insulin. If your camper is on Basaglar, for example, Lantus may be substituted at camp and therefore pen could be left at home.

      Blood glucose test kits, lancets. To prevent blood borne pathogens, we use our own test kits and lancets.

      Head lice. Campers will be checked for head lice during Medical Check-In. If a camper has head lice, they will be instructed to return home for treatment and will be allowed to return to camp when clear.

      Pets. No animals other than human children are allowed at camp.

      Bug spray (we provide this)

      Drugs, alcohol, tobacco or marijuana products, vaping devices, controlled substances, or anything illegal (duh).

      Scooters, skateboards, roller blades, drones, robots (and other stuff like this). If you are unsure whether an item will be permitted at camp, please feel free to reach out and ask us!

Family Camps

Overnight Family Camp

What to bring


Optional stuff


What NOT to bring

Day Family Camp

What to bring


Optional stuff


What NOT to bring