Stuff People Ask Often (FAQ)

Summer Camp 2022 FAQ:

Registration FAQ:

Q: When does registration open?

A: January 10 at 10am. Click here to register.

Q: Do I register my camper for the session matching the grade they are going into or the grade they are completing?

A: The grade the are completing. For example, if your camper is in 8th grade before camp starts and 9th grade after camp ends, register him or her for a 7/8th Grade session. It can be confusing because the registration system we use asks for your camper's grade in the FALL, but please register them for the grade they will complete before summer camp. We know this is confusing and we're working with our software provider to address it. Sorry :-(

Q: I'm in the registration system and I'm not seeing the sessions for my kiddo's grade group.

A: You probably entered the grade your kiddo is in now instead of the one they are going into in the fall. It's not your fault. The system is kind of confusing (see above Q&A). To fix it, just go to your ACCOUNT page on the toolbar, click on your child's name, and click EDIT MY BIO INFORMATION.

Q: My camper wants to sign up for a grade-level group above or below his or her actual grade-level group. Can we do this?

A: No. Our camps are designed to be age-appropriate. That means if we have children who are too old or too young in a session, it can necessitate individualized adjustments by our camp staff to meet everyone's needs. This can diminish the camp experience for all kids. Your camper will have a ball in his or her own age group. There will be fun friends in every session.

Hesitant Parent FAQ:

Q: We just heard about Gales Creek Camp and are interested in joining the fun. However, we'd like to see the place first. Our camper is too old for Family Camp. Is there another way we can visit camp before committing?

A: Yes! A very good time to visit camp, get a tour, meet our staff and other families is during the Open House event. Lunch is included. Arrive around noon. It's best if you sign up so we know how much food to prepare. The Open House is part of Camp Cleanup and Open House Day. You are welcome to volunteer for the cleanup part, but it's in no way required or expected.

Q: My camper hasn't spent much time away from home and might be nervous to sleep over at camp. Can parents stay overnight, too?

A: No. Other than family camps, our camps are just for kids! Part of the summer camp experience for children is discovering their own inner strength and independence. Our camp staff are trained in "nervous and homesick." Give your camper a chance. If your child finds he or she just isn't ready to stay the whole week, we'll give you a call and decide what to do together.

Follow-up Q: Can I come visit every day?

A: No. Sorry. But that's an awesome question!

Q: My camper went to family camp last year and loved it. But I'm not sure (s)he is ready for the regular week-long camp. Can we do overnight family camp a second time?

A: No. Overnight family camp is the last step before your camper goes on to regular camp. Remember, part of camp is about growing toward independence. Give them a chance to try it out. Also, because family camp is always full, we don't want anyone to miss out on their first opportunity.

Session FAQ:

Q: My camper LOVES camp and wants to attend two sessions in one summer. Is this possible?

A: No. We want to reach as many T1D kids as possible each summer. This means everyone gets to come once per year. But there are options: if you're looking for more summer camp opportunities, check out our pals at Chris Dudley Camp. You might also look at the unique T1D Buddy Camp diabetes camp opportunity in Central Oregon.

Follow-up Q: Can my camper come again next summer?

A: Definitely. In fact, if your camper doesn't come back we're going to take it personally. Just kidding. But, seriously, we expect campers to come back every year! Studies show that summer camp is especially good at building independence and self-care skills when a camper returns year after year. It's all about reinforcement and peer-practice!

Q: What if we're signed up for camp but my camper gets sick just before our week?

A: Be our hero and please never bring a sick kiddo to camp. Campers live very close together and we don't want to spread anything. If you need to cancel due to illness, we will make it easy for you. Just let us know as soon as possible and if there are open spots in any other session, we can move your camper. If there are no other available sessions, you will get a full refund and we will still send your camper their t-shirt and swag.

Diabetes FAQ:

Q: My camper is on a continuous glucose monitor. Is it allowed at camp?

A: Yes. Gales Creek Camp allows continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). If you plan to bring one, you can read the complete CGM Policy here. Much of this policy will be new for the 2022 camp season, so hang tight. Bottom line is, yes CGMs are permitted at camp!