Wish Lists

Campers at Gales Creek Camp love to play sports, swim in the pool, do arts projects, and many more exciting activities! Donations of items on our wish list help us provide these fun activities for campers all summer long.

If you would like to make a donation to GCC from our wish list, please call the camp office at (503) 968-2267.

You can also go directly to Amazon and see our Wishlist! Items can be mailed to the Gales Creek Camp Foundation office up until June 17, then directly to camp during the summer!

Thank you!

General list:

  • 2 wheelbarrows (the kind with two wheels that are easier to use)--approx $125 ea.

  • 1-2 pitchforks--approx $30 ea

  • 3 plastic rakes (for spreading bark chips)--approx $10 ea

  • Swimming goggles or pool toys (no big floating toys please).

Food Service:

  • We could use gift certificates to Whole Foods or New Seasons to buy the specialty foods for our campers with food sensitivities, like Celiac or severe allergies. Any amount helps!

Art & Craft Supply Wish List:

We often have 30 kids in each art/craft session, up to 5 sessions per camp! Projects are unique each year, so watch this list for new supply requests.

  • Foam brushes

  • Unused journals

  • Super glue!

Some things we always need include:

  • Tape. Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape. Different widths and stickiness. We use a lot of tape!

  • Markers. Sharpies of all sizes. Dry erase markers, too.

  • Ballpoint pens that work.

  • Poster board.

  • Big rolls of craft paper. We put over the tables and we use it in big projects.

What we do not need at camp right now: crayons or holiday themed items.