Staff & Board

Camp Staff

At least one full-time doctor, three nurses, and a dietitian lead the medical team at Gales Creek Camp. They work hard to monitor campers' diabetes. Since campers are very active, the professionals at camp pay special attention to dietary and insulin adjustments. Of course, the Gales Creek staff also includes well-trained counselors, all over age 18. Each counselor is required to spend a full week in training. Physicians and nurses educate the counselors about diabetes and the challenges it presents. Typically, at least a third of the counselors are former Gales Creek campers who successfully manage their own diabetes.

Legendary Camp Directors: Gopher, Minion, and Boo!

GCC Board of Directors

Gales Creek Camp Foundation is operated under the guidance of a volunteer board of directors. Our board is made up of past campers and counselors, parents of campers and past campers, physicians and medical professionals, and passionate members of the community who provide expertise in many fields. The Gales Creek Camp Foundation board works year around to ensure that our services are second to none.

Hayley Baines, MD - President

Marcia Bryan, RN, CDE -  Vice President

Past President - Lisa Madison, MD

Peter Stephens - Treasurer

Gary McCormick - Secretary

Lisa Madison, MD - Medical Director

Joannie Kono, RN, CDE - Medical Services Director


Hayley Baines, MD

Richard Bergstrom, MD

Bruce Boston, MD

Cedric Bousquet

Marcia Bryan, RN, CDE - Chair, Camp Committee

Marcie Drury Brown, MD

Barb Edwards

Ken English

Angie Evans

Grant Heffernan

Maya Hunter, MD

Joannie Kono, RN, CDE - Chair, Medical Committee

Lisa Madison, MD

Gary McCormick

Shwetal Mehta, PharmD

James Neifing, MD

Eugene Nicholson, MD

Abdul Rutherford

Patti Sadowski, MSN, MBA - Chair, Fundraising Committee

Peter Stephens - Chair, Finance Committee


Lincoln Mattwandel - Camp Programs Director

Maddie Ehl - Communications Coordinator

Jess Edwards - Camp Manager

Bill Edwards - Camp Caretaker

Robert Dailey - Executive Director