Gales Creek Camp

for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

The Helping Time of Year

Right now, kids are navigating a challenging world, and type 1 diabetes makes that so much more complicated. But GCC is here, as a permanent home and place of ultimate belonging, for hundreds of kids a year.

This is only possible because of supporters like you.

So this year, when the giving mood comes to you, please consider providing a financial gift to the kids of Gales Creek Camp.

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Gales Creek Camp is a place where children and teenagers with type 1 diabetes from all over the Pacific Northwest have a blast while connecting with other kids living with the same challenges.

This is the place where a type 1 isn't the only 1.

Our goal is to help each child grow toward living an active, independent life. In addition to having a traditional summer camp experience filled with friendships and antics—running, swimming, hiking, field games, arts, drama, campfires, and all around summer fun—Gales Creek Campers start to learn some of the self-care habits that will help them grow into healthy adults. They may learn to test themselves and give injections, and how food and exercise are linked to insulin. They may learn how sports, illness and stress interact with diabetes. Ultimately, we want them to gain confidence to begin to manage their own bodies. 

Staff members, many who have diabetes themselves, model healthy habits and demonstrate that children with diabetes are not limited by their diagnosis. Perhaps most important of all, Gales Creek Campers learn that diabetes does not prevent them from living active, satisfying lives.

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