Alumni Camp Retreat FAQ

Q: What time does is start and when does it end?

A: Check in is 11am to noon on Saturday. We have a pretty packed schedule of activities, just like real summer camp. Check out time is after breakfast on Sunday. FYI: You don't need a parent or guardian to help you check in or out.

Q: I'm a real grown-up. Do I really have to stay all night in a bunk?

A: Not if you don't want to. You can come for any part or all of the event. Saturday is a big day. If you just want to stay for Saturday, that's fine. Or you can get a hotel in Forest Grove and come back in the morning. You can also bring a tent and pitch it in the meadow. Sleep under the stars. We will have some room for campers/RVs, too--be sure to let us know if you're bringing a rig. Power may or may not be available. No hook-ups (and we mean that in every sense ;-).

Q: Who takes care of my type 1 diabetes?

A: You do. You will be responsible for your own test and shots, but you can use the Health House and pretend your favorite doctor is there to tell you how much insulin to give. You also need to bring your own supplies, including insulin, pump sets, pens or syringes, and glucagon. You know, all the stuff you always take on overnight trips.

Q: What meals are included?

A: All of them! A good old fashioned summer camp lunch will be served in the Dining Hall on Saturday. Then a very special dinner awaits you that evening. Camp breakfast is served on Sunday. Plus we'll have lots of snacks! You will still "eat and eat and eat!"

Q: How will the sleeping arrangements work?

A: Boys in the boys cabin and girls in the girls cabin, of course! However, spouses and friends are allowed to stay together. This means your cabin might be mixed. Our non-binary campers can pick their cabin. We ask that everyone be courteous and respectful of all people and bring sleepwear that is appropriate in any situation. Also, remember this is camp, and we are maintaining the usual standards of camp during this event (i.e., there is no place for sexual relations at camp. It had to be said. It's still a kids' camp after all).

Q: What should I bring?

A: Pretend you're going on an overnight trip to a super fun and relaxed resort that has swimming, hiking, field games, archery, and stuff like that.

Q: What should I NOT bring?

A: Don't bring anything illegal (obviously). Marijuana and tobacco are prohibited at Gales Creek Camp. Also, don't bring your own alcohol. There is no cell service at camp, so you may as well leave your phone at home. Remember, there is no place to lock valuables, so the best thing is just not to bring anything valuable! Gales Creek Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Also, don't bring animals. It is not covered under our liability and we don't want to accidentally start a dog fight club. Diabetes dogs would also be super confused by so many type 1s in the same place, don't you think?

Q: Since this is kind of a fundraiser, will I be constantly asked to donate more money during the event?

A: The proceeds of this event go into the programs for kids, but this event is about you. If you want to make an additional donation to the program, you will have an opportunity during registration and at dinner on Saturday night. That's it.

If this FAQ doesn't answer your Qs, please feel free to write to us here or call us at 503-968-2267. If you'd like to join the volunteer committee planning the event, please let us know! Send us an email at